Here are some of the great things my co-workers have said about me:

Michael is all around rock star and has provided tremendous amount of success to our organization. He is committed to getting the job done and will always put in the extra hours to do so, without any complaints. I have had the pleasure to work with Michael over the past 2 years and I feel that he is a remarkable colleague, friend and employee. I would highly recommend Michael to any organization that is looking for an all around stud and an amazing team player. — Jacob Chappell


Michael has proven to be the best technical team manager that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He is able to quickly grasp complicated technical topics and is always eager to learn more. With his dual understanding of both technical and business worlds as well as great communication skills, he makes the perfect conduit to facilitate a frictionless development process. With seemingly unlimited supply of positive energy he takes the team’s productivity to a whole new level. Any team should be so lucky as to have him. – Alo Sarv


Working with Michael was an absolute pleasure. He is a highly motivated individual with great intuition and an incomparable work ethic. – Henry Clifford


Mike is a winner. Not only is he extremely intelligent, dedicated, loyal, and passionate, but Mike is one of the nicest and most genuine people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Mike is a natural leader with exceptional instincts. Highly recommended. – Billy McFarland

These are just a few recommendations from my Linkedin – more to come from current projects, too!